After hours athlete September 20, 2010

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Backspin on a work table, under a bad light. A kiss of the eight ball, a bank on the six.

Double bowl on a single throw, three pints in. Picking up a spare on the final frame. Singing on key, off key and losing keys.

Steady hands, blurry eyes.

Bars, billiards, basements, bacon sandwiches with extra hot sauce.

Surviving buzz kills, third wheels, cock blocks and cabs in the rain.

Finish lines drawn by dawn.

These are the providence of the after hours athletes.

When last call calls, don’t answer…

The night too is for sport, and they are the champions- PUMA :)

I first thought he’s saying “calves in the ring” but upon listening to it a few more times, it actually sounds more like  “cabs in the rain”. It makes more sense too.


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